NOOOOO! We have no meat goat candidates. . . The owner of the ram that impregnated our goats gets all the male kids born to those does – that is our ‘deal’ for the use of the ram. The male kids are moved off the Farm as soon as they are weaned from their moms.
They will give milk as long as they are stimulated – as long as they are milked. Using human breast feeding as a framework is helpful. So, for ex., if a mother’s child no longer breast feeds, the mom’s milk will “dry-up.” The same for the goats. We milk twice per day so the does’ milk supplies continue. Goats do benefit from a rest. . .when they are bred and become pregnant, naturally their milk begins to wane. It is a natural time to stop milking them so that during the last two months of pregnancy, there is not the physiological drain of milking when growth of their new kids is the priority.
Any lactating goat can be milked. Certain breeds, for ex., in Ja., Alpine & Nubian, have bigger milk capacity than most local or Boer goats.
Our goats are very fortunate because on a daily basis, fresh grass and other especially nutritious greens or, forage, is cut and brought to them. It is always available to the goats. They are not hungry! Wild tamarind, guinea grass, breadnut, mulberry & moringa are favorites. It is cut daily, because nutrition is lost when the grass and other greens are cut and not eaten within twenty-four hours. Goats consume 3-5% of their body weight per day. They are actually very selective, carefully choosing what they want to eat-the image of goats eating tin cans is not accurate! They have standards! They also leave their pen to munch on grass and other greenery that we’ve planted and grows naturally on the Farm property. They always get excited when they are let out into the yard to eat. . .sometimes plants such as bougainvillea fall ‘victim’ when the goats are out of the pen and are ‘grazing’ in the yard! Twice per day, the goats are given grains or ‘feed.’ We do this while they are being milked. For those goats who have dried off, the habit of coming into the milking area continues. They continue to be given their feed in the same place where they are used to being milked. The grain they are fed is a special formulation for either ‘lactating goats’ or growing goats.’ Fresh water is available 24hrs/day. It is very important for all goats, especially, milking goats and is often overlooked or assumed they get enough fluid from what they eat. It is estimated that milking goats need 2-3 gallons per day of water, although some of that total will be consumed via their fodder. Our goats have easily accessible fresh water during the day in the pen and during the night they have a bucket of clean water in their pens.
Ja has varied micro-climates.It is important for us to consider the climate where a goat was raised and living when we consider purchasing a goat. Was the goat in a similar climate to Trelawny where it is dry and warm? We try to buy goats from Trelawny or from parishes w similar climates. Our goats currently hail from Westmoreland, Trelawny and Clarendon.
In our ‘goat mobile’ – the back of our Suzuki Vitarra!
Yes. But if you wish to buy raw milk we will sell it to you.