Farm Update – March 2020

The goats are happily oblivious to what is going on all around us – They are still producing milk. So, we are still milking the goats and making cheeses and yogurt! Our dilemma – lots of delicious milk and we want to get it to you!! Just ask – WhatsApp/Email are best: 876-344-8611 or Please let us know if you want any of our products and we’ll figure it out with you!

Since our inception we have been compliant with the Bureau of Standards & Ministry of Health regulations. The Ministry of Health has established additional requirements to address COVID-19. We are compliant with all. As much as we have historically encouraged visits from clients and neighbors to the Farm, that has now ended (for now!). A “No Visitors -We are sorry” sign is in place.

Despite the fear, uncertainty & changes we are all coping with, joy continues. The goats are all well, they frolic, jump and play and eat lots of grass! And new life keeps coming! Two more babies were born this weekend. That makes 4 this month so far and one of our favorite goats, Martha-a rescue from the Martha Brae area a couple of years ago will give birth soon. We saved her life and she now has babies on the way!

We are happy to have a new customer: Jamaica Relief Ministry in MoBay. . .an orphanage. Their (human) babies are now getting our goat milk.

Please stay well!

<3 from all of us at Ruby Goat Dairy

Ms Ruth with two Saanen kids!
We have lots of soap!