Our special project – Phase 2 1/2

We are pleased to report that the goats responded well to the procedure with minimal discomfort!

The next step is that three does will receive Canada’s finest, first class, even more expensive milk goat fertilized embryos.

Stay tuned!

(Warning: Graphic pictures ahead.)


Semen is stored in a liquid nitrogen Dewar flask.  Sample taken out and warmed in water bath.  Once warmed to proper temp, semen then drawn into “straw”.  As straw moves to goat, the smallest residual from that sample is put on a glass slide and placed in the microscope.  Screen shot of highly mobile, active sperms, which is good.

The operating gurney.  Note stirrups and head rest.

Sedated, shaved, goat raised by pivoting back end of gurney.  Two very small incisions made.  Vet puts laparoscope in one slit, guide in other slit.  Would locate and guide semen to both ovaries without changing tools from side to side.  In vet’s right hand a “straw” of semen, once it’s properly positioned it will be injected into the ovaries.


Different goat, different view.  Same two slits with tools in position.