Our special project – Phase 2

A few weeks ago, CIDR (Controlled Internal Drug Release) vaginal progesterone inserts were placed in the does. The inserts were recently removed and a second hormone administered via injection (picture below). The vet, from the Nutramix feed company, was a highly competent pro. The animals were comfortable, the injections with nary a flinch.

The does are now synchronized, all 13 are in heat. Hormonally enhanced, it’s a circus. Tails “flagging”, strange bellows and moans, the does herd in uncharacteristically tight groups yet head butt and occasionally furtively mount one another.

February 21st is to be the BIG DAY. Ten does will receive Canada’s finest, first class, expensive goat semen.

Then, we WAIT.

Insemination team and the chosen does.

Kingsley, Amor, Dr. Gilbert Craig with Brown Sugar. Looks harsh, but she was stable in position and didn’t notice the needle.