10 February 2017 Farm Update

A quick update since it’s been a while: All of our goats have kidded!​
​It’s been rejuvenating, fun and amusing to watch all the little ones hop around and​ chase their mothers for milk. Late last year we had a “life on the farm” experience when two babies lost their Mom. We are happy to report that they are very resilient. Miss Ruth says “any teat in a storm,” they soldier on. They will try to drink not only from their adopted mother, Pregunta, but, try to sneak some sucks from other lactating goats – this is not usually well-received! But they are fine. . .

Our rescue donkey, Dot, nicknamed Delphine, is now accepted by the goats. She’s gained weight since her arrival two weeks ago and is adjusted. She’s helpful around the dairy farm because she eats different greenery than the goats…a help to “mow our lawn.”